Shoppingworld: Calculate element dimensions

The elio banner calculator.

With the banner calculator you can easily and accurately calculate the right format for your web presence with Shopware. It is part of everyday life in content management maintenance that the banner has to be adjusted repeatedly, for example because it is cut off awkwardly. This is now an end - because with the help of our banner calculator you can avoid this extra work.

The calculation includes the distances between the cells, cell height and the self-defined column grid. These are the general settings of the shopping world from your Shopware backend.

Now you want to know the exact dimensions of how you need to create the banner in your editing program. You do this through the settings of the element. Through the cell width and height are displayed to you, through a preview, the dimensions.

General settings

total width (In pixels)

Shopware Standard without Sidebar: 1160px
Shopware Standard with Sidebar: 900px
Distance between cells (In pixels)

Cell height (In pixels)

Column grid (cellular)

Setting element

Width (cellular)

Maximum = column grid
Height (cellular)

Knowing the right format - what are the benefits?

With the right format, you not only ensure that the image is displayed as intended, such as in the right crop, but also secure the image quality. Because only with the right dimensions you can guarantee an optimal resolution.

Quality. Higher interaction. Seriousness.

The optimal image quality ensures a higher interaction with your customers, because a good user interface stays in the mind of your customers and invites them to stay longer on the website, online store or blog. In addition, you look much more serious, because heavily pixelated images also give the impression that they are simply downloaded from the net. This is not only illegal, but also very unprofessional.