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elio GmbH has been working on suitable digital solutions for companies for more than 20 years. In addition to our fundamental mission and our corporate values, a few points in particular distinguish us in the course of our projects.

The elio-way of working.

When working with our clients, we attach great importance to various aspects that we believe are crucial for the efficiency and success of your project.

Independence – The independence of our clients is one of our most important concerns. We want to provide you with the technical foundations to enable you to grow healthily and sustainably.

Flexibility – Our methodological approach is entirely up to you. We are happy to approach the project with you according to a classic approach or choose an agile course.

Response time – For us, an appropriate response time is not only an important building block for efficient project communication. It is also a sign of appreciation.

Proactivity – If we identify a need for optimisation before, during or after the project, we will point it out to you immediately.

Documentation – The accurate and transparent recording of all project components for the orientation of all parties involved is a decisive efficiency driver for us.

Cooperation – We actively involve our clients in the projects from start to finish. We are convinced that the cooperation between our developers and yours will release valuable synergies and have a positive impact on your project.

Every project is different. We always find the right way.

The process of a digital project is never the same. Due to the different structures, individual requirements and different phases of the project start (e.g. new project or migration), there are no rigid frameworks that dictate how a project runs. At elio, we adapt 100% to the circumstances of our customers and develop a suitable approach together, taking into account our flexible processes.

To give you a better idea of how a joint project might proceed, we have outlined below the various phases and milestones that we might encounter.

An exemplary project sequence could look like this:

Contact us

Arrangement of an initial meeting

Get to know

Initial discussion via team meeting

Exchange of company information and initial requirements

Further team meetings and, if necessary, vision workshop

Preparation of a specification by you

We will also be happy to provide you with advice here

Preparation of a rough offer by elio


Workshops with the necessary departments

Concretisation of the requirements with regard to the desired target system

Fine conceptualisation by elio

UX/UI design creation if necessary

Quotation preparation

Offer release


Project plan with milestones and sprints


Taking UX and UI into account, we design your digital platform.


Our developers implement your project according to the agreed specifications. Of course, we pay attention to performance and basic SEO aspects under continuous quality management and testing.


We are happy to train you in the areas of development, design and application so that you can fulfil your upcoming tasks in the best possible way.

Connection of third party systems
possible in several places

We connect your IT system landscape with your new platform and thus ensure efficient data exchange.

optional possible in several places

With SEO, SEA and social media, we ensure that your digital platform becomes visible.



Service & Support

optional possible in several places

Hosting (optional)

Please also take a look at the About Us and Corporate Responsibility sections to discover more information about elio.

Your contact person.

Do you have questions about the process of a joint project or about elio in general? Contact Max Schöber. He will be happy to help you.

Max Schöber +49 (0)6403 - 7794 - 0