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Are you currently planning to implement your own online marketplace or a connection to a marketplace? Or are you not really satisfied with your existing marketplace you already have?

We offer you suitable solutions to realize your digital marketplace project.

What is a marketplace?

An online marketplace is an e-commerce platform on which several suppliers offer their products and services for sale. In principle a marketplace is an online shop in which more than one trader is represented.

In detail, there are many different types and variants of marketplaces, which differ mainly in terms of access, the range of products and services offered, as well as the traders and customers. traders and customers. You can find an excerpt of different models below:

  • Open marketplace
  • B2B marketplace
  • B2C marketplace
  • C2C marketplace
  • Vertical marketplace
  • Horizontal marketplace
  • Global marketplace
  • Online auction platforms
  • Peer-to-peer marketplace
  • Subscription marketplace
  • Combined marketplace
  • Service marketplace
  • Crowd sourcing marketplace
  • Social commerce marketplace
  • Digital Products Marketplace
  • Investment marketplace
  • Sustainability marketplace
  • Regional marketplace
  • Cross-border marketplace

Advantages of marketplaces

Possible advantages for operators

  • Revenues from admission and transaction fees
  • High scalability and rapid growth opportunities
  • Lower operating costs
  • Platform data: Behavioural analysis of traders and buyers
  • Product management
  • Network expansion
  • Increase brand awareness

Possible advantages for traders

  • Use of technical infrastructure and marketing
  • Use of reach
  • Cost savings through the use of external distribution channels
  • Increasing customer loyalty through a wide range of products
  • Opening up new market potential

The online marketplace solutions from elio.

With our technologies, we create the necessary conditions for you to implement your marketplace project. Regardless of which marketplace solution you want and whether it is a creation or merely a connection. We provide you with the right model for every sector, which goes that can go beyond standard solutions and take specific requirements into account.

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Relevant topics in the implementation of an online marketplace

  • Which interfaces are needed?
  • Should your data be located on your premises or stored decentrally?
  • Is a dashboard needed for retailers?
  • How does payment processing take place?
  • How does the processing of orders take place in the case of several participants (keyword order splitting)?
  • Should there be a common shopping basket across all participants or per participant?
  • Which quality requirements (availability, delivery times, etc.) should be integrated?
  • Should returns management be handled automatically or not?
  • How should the import/export of product data be handled?
  • Is the marketplace operator also the logistician or does the fullfillment run exclusively from the logistics of the specialist dealers
  • Individualisation of ordering processes
  • and much more.

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