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Ibexa Agency elio.

Ibexa and elio.

As a certified Ibexa Silver Partner, we implement DXP projects based on Ibexa.

Our focus is on long-term, sustainable and needs-oriented support for our clients. Our services at a glance:

  • Creation, migration and extension of Ibexa Digital Experience Platforms
  • Programming of Ibexa interfaces and modules
  • Creation and implementation of designs and templates
  • Advice on Ibexa DXP projects
  • Ibexa training courses

Certified Ibexa Agency.

Even though we define ourselves as an IT service provider, we are often listed as a certified Ibexa agency.

The personal certificates prove that our developers have in-depth knowledge of the architecture and the software code of Ibexa. software code of Ibexa. Thus, we offer our customers the best prerequisites to optimally implement their Ibexa project.

Start your DXP project now with Ibexa and elio.

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Ibexa Project - F.A.Q.

The Ibexa Digital Experience Platform (DXP) is a modular platform solution that provides companies with the technological basis to perfectly combine content and commerce for an optimal user experience. With Ibexa Content, Ibexa Experience and Ibexa Commerce, the DXP consists of three different products that can be used both independently and in combination to create digital experiences. Following a customer experience management approach, Ibexa offers integrated solutions for the creation and management of content assets along all touchpoints of the customer journey.

As a transformative DXP, Ibexa provides B2B companies with the resources they need to deliver excellent online experiences and increase e-commerce sales. What makes Ibexa special are the modular service packages that allow the successive integration of functions. This allows Ibexa to dynamically keep pace and scale as businesses grow. Thanks to the API-first approach, Ibexa-DXP can also be easily and quickly integrated into existing system landscapes.

Ibexa is suitable for every company size and industry. Due to its modular structure, Ibexa is particularly suitable for companies that want to start their digital transformation without having to invest in a complete package. Due to the different growth rates of companies, they can pursue their transformation individually and benefit from a technology that grows with them in the future.

Your contact person.

Do you have questions about our services with Ibexa or about elio in general? Get in touch with Daniela Kempf. She will be happy to help you.

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