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The solution for integrating your data.

What is synQup?

The iPaaS e-commerce solution synQup specialises in the integration of data. In doing so, the Data Integration Framework networks different applications from the broad IT system landscape (e.g. ERP, PIM, CRM, CMS, MAM/DAM) by transferring and synchronising the data streams of the different applications and data sources.

The middleware is particularly suitable for companies that want to optimise the data transfer of their complex and (partially) isolated systems.

What can synQup do?

Even though we define ourselves as an IT service provider, we are often listed as a certified Ibexa agency.

In order to meet increasingly specific customer requirements, many companies need more and more applications to communicate with each other and exchange data. The different systems are often not designed for compatibility, which limits the efficient transfer of data and slows down companies on many levels. Perhaps you know it yourself: You are currently jumping back and forth between several software programmes, it is difficult for you to keep track and normalise your data across all applications. synQup provides you with the answer to the question of the ideal data exchange.

As a central data hub, synQup digitises, integrates, organises and automates data and processes. By transforming a wide variety of data types into the desired formats, a uniform, clear, time- and location-independent database is created and efficient data transfer is made possible.

Data is first transferred from the existing systems into the synQup transfer database, formatted there, linked and then passed on to the desired output system. When transferring the data, so-called modules are used that can be flexibly linked and easily exchanged.

A decisive advantage of synQup is its automated adaptation to the e-commerce platform used. Its high agility in carrying out updates poses great challenges for other connector providers. The necessary reworking of plug-ins due to the constant updates is a hidden cost driver.

synQup, on the other hand, checks all interfaces fully automatically after each update from the e-commerce platform. Through this adaptation to the systems, synQup ensures maximum update speed.

Keyfacts about synQup.

  • 100% applicability to your business and systems
  • Full flexibility and infinite scalability through industry standard technology
  • Asynchronous data processing for independent system functionality
  • Problem-free expandability of the standard modules for individual requirements
  • Minimal adaptation or reprocessing effort
  • Safety, speed, error protection
  • Data quality testing and reporting
  • Maximum update speed

elio is a Platinum partner of synQup.

Through the strengths of elio and synQup, you benefit from an enormous competence portfolio and unique synergies. The joint expertise and experience in IT, e-commerce and data integration combined with short communication channels offer you the best conditions for networking your systems.

Our cooperation in module development is particularly special. While synQup takes on the development of standard modules, we on the elio side create individual developments of modules based on synQup for our customers.

Your contact person.

Do you have questions about our services with synQup or about elio in general? Get in touch with Kathrin Dienelt. She will be happy to help you.

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