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In our view, digital transformation is not just about technical aspects. For us, the digital transformation of a company also takes place above all at the level of the employees. Do you have a special training request? Contact us so that we can discuss your training options together.

Training in development, design and application.


With our training courses in the areas of development, design and application, we would like to provide you with targeted assistance in the technology, design and administration of your shop or platform system.

Our training content is always geared to your individual needs and your specific project. With this flexible training approach, we manage to prepare you optimally for your upcoming tasks.

Our events are usually held as online courses. However, we are also happy to come to you on request and hold our training sessions on site.

Training for developers.

Screen with code

Our developer training courses aim to enable you and your team to develop your project together with us and to work independently. to be able to work independently.

Among other things, we teach the processes around Git deployment. We would also like to draw your attention to the training courses offered by our partner companies Shopware, OXID eSales and Ibexa. The training courses there teach you the basics of the corresponding platforms and thus form an excellent basis for our training content. excellent basis for our training content.

Training for designers.

Templating visualization

Our designer training courses aim to teach you how to programme templates economically, close to the software standard.

For example, we can show you how to create a screen design for the Shopware 6 standard with as few correction cycles as possible and make you aware of which adjustments to the template are associated with which effort. sensitise you to which adjustments to the template are associated with which effort.

Training für Anwender:innen.

Group of employees at work in front of laptops communicating with each other

Our user training courses aim to show you and your team how to administer and configure your shop or platform system.

For example, we can introduce you to the user interface and individual functions of Shopware 6 and train you in the configuration of basic settings and the maintenance of your data. basic settings and the maintenance of your data. We take the following points into account, among others:

  • Installation and administration
  • Creation of sales channels
  • Investment of products
  • Media management
  • Management of company and customer data
  • User administration
  • Worlds of experience
  • Marketing
  • Rule-Builder
  • Flow-Builder
  • Themes
  • Dispatch handling
  • Payment processing
  • and much more.

Your contact person.

Do you have questions about our trainings or about elio in general? Get in touch with Daniela Kempf. She will be happy to help you.

Daniela Kempf +49 (0)6403 - 7794 - 0