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Shopware agency elio

Leading and highly certified Shopware partner

Are you looking for a Shopware agency that can turn your e-commerce visions into reality? Then you've come to the right place. At elio we understand that the success of your online business depends largely on a high-performance e-commerce solution. We are here for you - and with our locations in Frankfurt am Main, Giessen, Würzburg, Heilbronn and Langgöns, we may even be close to you.

  • 150+ Shopware experts
  • 20+ years of expertise
  • 120+ Shopware certifications
  • 600+ successful B2B and B2C shopware projects
  • 1,000+ individual Shopware plugins developed

An excerpt of our Shopware projects


Leading companies have already successfully realised their own Shopware projects with us:

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What makes elio stand out as a Shopware agency?

Our experience and expertise in working with Shopware make us the perfect partner to realize your online store ideas. Whether you want to develop a brand new Shopware 6 store, want to optimize your existing platform or need custom extensions, we are your reliable Shopware service provider. Shopware service provider for all projects.

Highest developer share

As a certified Shopware partner agency, we offer customized solutions that are tailored to your individual needs. With a team of over 150 Shopware experts, 75% of whom are solely responsible for the development of Shopware stores, and an impressive list of successful Shopware projects, we stand for excellent advice, the highest quality and tireless commitment. This means we have the highest proportion of Shopware developers of any agency in the world and are best placed to make your project a success.

Successful individual developments and projects for B2B and B2C

Our experts master the Shopware technology stack effortlessly and have outstanding expertise in requirements engineering. We understand the challenges and potential of e-commerce and support you in achieving your goals. Over 120 Shopware certifications, more than 1,000 individual Shopware plugin developments and over 600 successfully completed B2B and B2C Shopware projects speak for our quality and reliability. quality and reliability. Our Shopware experts love challenges - the more complex, the better. That's why we solve every task with passion and skill - no matter how demanding your request or business is. There has never been a challenge that we have not successfully mastered. Our focus is primarily on individual developments for B2B companies.

Pioneers in the Shopware world

Our position as Shopware's first official enterprise partner underlines our many years of experience since the early days of Shopware 3. have done pioneering work with the implementation of the world's first Shopware 6 project and continue to set standards in the e-commerce industry. Furthermore we offer an emergency service to take over even supposedly failed projects and lead them to success.

Customer Centricity is King

At elio, the customer takes center stage. That is why we maintain and value long-standing customer relationships, some of which have lasted for over ten years. The independence of our customers is one of our most important concerns. We want to create and provide you with the technical foundations to enable you to achieve healthy and sustainable growth. Helping you achieve independence in e-commerce is our common path to success.
Shopware Platinum Partner Seal

As a Shopware Certified Partner, elio stands for ensuring that your Shopware e-commerce project is guaranteed to be a complete success. From the planning to implementation, from optimisation to expansion, we are the best Shopware agency.

Available Shopware 6 certificates

Outstandingly certified as a Shopware 6 agency with more than 120 certificates


The foundation of our success is our outstanding team of Shopware experts, which has made us the leading Shopware Platinum Partner for years. More specifically, we have been successfully realising sophisticated e-commerce projects for over two decades. We are also proud to be being recommended as a Shopware Platinum Partner by Shopware itself. Thanks to this long and close relationship, our team has an impressive level of expertise that puts traditional agencies in the shade.

We can therefore proudly say that we are the leading Shopware Platinum Partner with the most Shopware certifications for Shopware 6  worldwide. These personalised certificates show the areas in which our developers have expertise.

elio - the Shopware full service agency

elio is more than a classic Shopware 6 agency. Our mission goes beyond the implementation of shop systems. As an IT service provider we promote the digital transformation of companies. We also continue to see ourselves not as a competitor to other Shopware to other Shopware service providers, but as a partner who provides support for Shopware projects when needed. Regardless of whether you want to implement a Shopware B2C or Shopware B2B project, we are at your side as a competent companion.

Ensure your business success with our wide range of Shopware services. From the smooth implementation of your new online shop to the maintenance of your maintenance of your existing platform through to increasing your visibility in search engines, we are the partner at your side. In addition to operational Shopware support we can also help you strategically. Our elio team therefore also offers you comprehensive Shopware consulting services. We not only act as external experts, but also as a reliable partner who will support you in the development of long-term e-commerce strategies. e-commerce strategies. Similar to an appraiser, we analyse your individual needs and offer tailor-made solutions to ensure that your goals are achieved with Shopware and that your online business grows sustainably. Our services also include thorough shop analyses analyses, in which we examine your existing platform in detail and identify optimisation potential to improve your conversion rates and customer experience. experience.

We offer you the following services individually or in combination if you commission us as your Shopware agency.

Create a Shopware shop? Daily business for us! We attach great importance to a structured and professional approach that ensures the success of your ensures the success of your project right from the start. With our proven versioning control and deployment strategy, we guarantee a reliable and reliable and efficient realisation of your online shop.

Whether you are dealing with international markets, extensive product portfolios or complex requirements - we will find the right solution for you. for you.

By the way: We are also happy to provide you with a Shopware 6 demo shop for testing.

elio is not only a leader in the creation of unique online shops, but also in the development of high-quality Shopware extensions. With the largest team of experienced developers, we have extensive expertise to create customised Shopware plugins that improve the functionality and performance of your online shop. functionality and performance of your online shop. As experts in Shopware 6 plugin development, we offer solutions that meet your specific requirements. specific requirements. In total, we have already developed over 1,000 customised plugins for our customers.

Therefore, if you are looking for a reliable Shopware plugin agency to help you extend the functionality of your e-commerce platform, you have come to the right place. you've come to the right place. For example, we can also help you to optimise the Shopware search or configure a Shopware marketplace extension.

If you are planning to switch from another e-commerce platform to Shopware, we will be happy to assist you with the migration. Our experienced team will ensure a smooth Shopware migration by professionally transferring your data and content. This way seamlessly switch to Shopware without any interruptions or data loss and benefit from the many functions and advantages.

Upgrade from Shopware 5 to Shopware 6
Switching to the latest version keeps you up to date. We support you with the Shopware 6 migration so that you can benefit from the many advantages of Shopware 6.

We are also happy to support you in increasing the traffic or visibility of your Shopware online shop to maximise your reach and attract potential customers. maximise your reach and attract potential customers. We therefore offer Shopware SEO strategies and measures for your platform to improve your visibility in search engine results and generate organic traffic. search engine results and generate organic traffic.

Our comprehensive online marketing repertoire also includes specific services in the areas of search engine advertising (SEA) and social media marketing. social media marketing, which aim to strengthen your presence and increase your sales. Whether you have just launched your Shopware shop shop or want to expand your existing business, we are at your side with our expertise and experience in online marketing to support your success. to support your success.

We also offer optimisation services for existing shops to improve their performance and stability. Our focus here is on Shopware performance optimisation, which includes a comprehensive analysis of PHP, database, security and hosting.

We identify potential bottlenecks and work to resolve them while analysing dependencies and carrying out necessary updates such as refactoring and plugin debugging. updates such as refactoring and plugin debugging. In addition, we identify the causes of instability and implement appropriate measures to ensure your shop stability. Our services also include the provision of recommended actions for emergency solutions before we start refactoring.

You are also well advised by elio when it comes to design. Our agency offers you comprehensive services for your customised Shopware design. No matter whether you want a template, an in-house development or the best of both worlds, we will be happy to provide you with help and advice. During the design, we place particular emphasis on performance and compatibility with the shop system. Through a thorough audit, we ensure that the design fits Shopware and offers an optimal user experience.

Übrigens: Do you need a second opinion on your design? We are also happy to check design proposals from other service providers for their feasibility.

Our Shopware training courses aim to provide our customers with the highest level of expertise so that they can operate successfully on their own without constant agency support. independently and successfully without constant agency support. We achieve this through individual training sessions that are tailored to specific needs and topics such as development such as development, deployment, SEO or administration. In this way, we provide our customers with the necessary knowledge and skills to successfully manage and optimise their Shopware platform.

Leasing a shop? Yes, this is possible with Shopware. With Shopware Leasing you can choose between two models: A complete model or simple lease financing per project. In this way, you do not have to make a high initial investment and remain flexible at all times. We will be happy to advise you!

Do you have questions about Shopware hosting? We are happy to advise you with leading partners and ensure that your websites and online shops run securely and run with maximum performance. From the stability of server performance to ensuring fast loading times - we rely on the highest standards to support your online business. highest standards to support your online business.

Our Shopware emergency service is your saviour when projects appear to have stalled. We also take over supposedly failed projects projects from other Shopware agencies and lead them to success with our expertise and commitment. Even if a project does not go as as planned, you can always count on us. No matter how deep-seated the problem is, we are there for you and will find solutions.

Our Shopware support offers a decisive advantage: we retain the expertise from the project implementation in the support team. This This eliminates additional familiarisation costs for our customers, and further developments run smoothly.

We strive for long-term partnerships and take a strategic approach. Specifically, we rely on a transparent model without long-term maintenance maintenance contracts, but offer monthly cancellable concepts for maintenance and further development. Our focus is on quality and not quantity. on quantity.

Do you still have questions?

Contact us now to clarify the last open points and get the best out of your Shopware shop.

Our success in figures

Our long-standing partnerships speak volumes: more than 50% of our customers have been relying on elio as their Shopware specialist for over five years. specialist. In addition, we support over 15 customers who achieve impressive annual sales of over €1 billion. This not only illustrates the stability of our relationships, but also the success we enable our customers to achieve.


50 % of customers have been working with us for more than five years

1 billion €

15+ customers with more than € 1 billion in sales

elio compared to other Shopware 6 agencies


As your reliable Shopware 6 agency, we are committed to ensuring that your online shops are not only successful, but also flourish in the long term. We treat every customer shop as our own project and emphasise well thought-out solutions that ensure updateability, fast loading times and scalability.

Compared to other Shopware agencies, elio stands out due to various factors:

Other Shopware 6 agencies
Customised solutions:
Meets individual requirements and objectives (over 1,000 customised plug-in developments)
Mostly standard developments:
Fewer customised solutions
Optimum solution for the customer:
Focus on maximum success and independence for the customer and their project
Sales-orientated solutions:
Prioritising solutions that generate higher revenue, even if they may not be the best option for the customer or their project
Unique experience:
Working with Shopware since Shopware 3, first Enterprise Partner, most Shopware certificates (>120)
Lack of experience:
Reach their limits, especially with more complex requirements
Highest proportion of developers worldwide:
Has the necessary personnel, extensive experience and expertise in dealing with Shopware platforms (150 Shopware experts, 75 % developers)
Few developers:
Less technical expertise and team strength
Comprehensive customer service:
Offers personalised customer service and comprehensive 24/7 support
Lack of customer service and support
Transparent pricing:
Clear and realistic cost estimates right from the start
Unclear pricing:
Offers without a clear basis, which can lead to subsequent price increases
Professional project management:
Keeps projects on time and within budget
Difficulties in time and budget management
Long-term relationships:
Focuses on long-term success and continuous further development of Shopware 6 solutions
Short-term profit:
Less focus on sustainability and further development
Promoting long-term independence:
Provides technical foundations for healthy and sustainable growth
Short-term success:
Fast project execution without focussing on long-term technical independence of the customer
Other Shopware 6 agencies
Mostly standard developments:
Fewer customised solutions
Sales-orientated solutions:
Prioritising solutions that generate higher revenue, even if they may not be the best option for the customer or their project
Few developers:
Less technical expertise and team strength
Lack of customer service and support
Unclear pricing:
Offers without a clear basis, which can lead to subsequent price increases
Difficulties in time and budget management
Short-term profit:
Less focus on sustainability and further development
Short-term success:
Fast project execution without focussing on long-term technical independence of the customer

How your Shopware project works with us

Due to the variety of structures, individual requirements and the different projects (such as new projects or migrations), there is no fixed framework that prescribes the detailed process. At elio, we adapt 100% to your needs and develop a customised approach together, taking into account our flexible processes, to perfect your Shopware shop.


To give you a more detailed insight into the potential course of a joint Shopware project, we illustrate below the different phases and milestones we could expect.

01 Contact us

Get in touch with us so that we can get to know each other and exchange basic requirements. You then draw up a specification sheet and we prepare an initial rough offer.

02 Scoping and Offer

We specify your requirements through joint workshops and, based on our detailed conceptualization, create a suitable offer. We involve various stakeholders in this process.

03 Implementation

Once you have approved the offer, we develop a project plan and start implementing the project.

04 Go-Live

After an extensive testing and review process, your project will be launched online.

Examples of possible Shopware projects

New Shopware Project

New Shopware Project

Migration of a custom development to Shopware

Custom Development to Shopware

Migration from Shopware 5 to Shopware 6

Shopware 5 to Shopware 6

commercetools to Shopware

commercetools to Shopware

Adobe Commerce to Shopware

Adobe Commerce to Shopware

SAP Hybris to Shopware

SAP Hybris to Shopware

Shopify to Shopware

Shopify to Shopware

Spryker to Shopware

Spryker to Shopware

WooCommerce to Shopware

WooCommerce to Shopware

xt:Commerce to Shopware

xt:Commerce to Shopware

BigCommerce to Shopware

BigCommerce to Shopware

OXID to Shopware

OXID to Shopware

HCL Commerce to Shopware

HCL Commerce to Shopware

JTL to Shopware

JTL to Shopware

Sylius to Shopware

Sylius to Shopware

Sana Commerce to Shopware

Sana Commerce to Shopware

Our Shopware references

Our extensive experience with Shopware is reflected in numerous successfully completed projects that we have realised for our customers. From the customised development of online shops to the optimisation of existing Shopware platforms, we offer a wide range of solutions. Take a look at some of our remarkable Shopware references and learn how we have helped companies to strengthen their online presence and increase their sales.

Mockup of the customer project Cube on a Macbook

Bicycles for Everyone: Cube goes Shopware 6

For the bicycle brand Cube, which belongs to Pending System GmbH & Co. KG, we developed an e-catalog based on Shopware 6. The company's bicycles were mainly distributed through retail channels. Cube wanted to directly target end consumers with its own e-commerce platform and therefore chose elio as a competent partner for the development and implementation of the e-catalog.

elio's services in building the Cube shop at a glance:

  • Creation of an e-catalog based on Shopware 6
  • Development of UX design and templates
  • Content Management System (CMS) elements (globally available, reusable, and configured elements (as in Typo3))
  • Same CMS element based on feature mapping on different product detail pages
  • Interface connection to ERP
  • Press area (Blog for Shopware based on experience worlds and categories)
  • Requirement-specific product comparison
Mockup of the customer project Yours Truly on a Macbook

Yours Truly: Customized Hair Care with Shopware 6

Yours Truly, part of Wild Beauty GmbH, offers personalized hair care products that are customized using a proprietary algorithm. This algorithm analyzes customers' responses to a questionnaire in real-time and creates a custom formulation for their shampoo.

elio has built a dedicated online shop for Yours Truly with Shopware 6 and developed a configurator that allows customers to customize their personalized shampoo according to their individual preferences. From ingredients to scent, customers can thus have full control over their hair care experience.

elio's services in building the Yours Truly shop at a glance:

  • Creation of a Shopware 6 shop
  • Development of a configurator (for personalized, individually customized care products)
  • Design and template development
Mockup of the Leuze customer project on a Macbook

B2B Shop: Leuze's Transition from Typo3 to Shopware 6

In the world of industrial automation, Leuze electronic GmbH + Co. KG is a leader in the development and manufacture of sensors. As an established B2B company, Leuze sought a modern solution to optimize its online offerings. For Leuze, our Shopware experts took over the replacement of their existing Content Management System (CMS) Typo3 and seamlessly integrated it into Shopware 6. With a fresh shop design and a custom template, we created an appealing and user-friendly shopping environment for their customers.

In addition, we developed custom plugins that meet Leuze's specific requirements. These plugins help Leuze better serve its customers while optimizing its processes. Thanks to our collaboration, Leuze is now well-equipped to offer its customers a modern and efficient shopping experience that meets the high standards of industrial automation.

elio's services in building Leuze's B2B shop:

  • Replacement of CMS Typo3 and consolidation in Shopware 6
  • Creation of shop design and templates
  • Integration of extensive feature and offer lists
  • Integration of requirement-specific product comparisons
  • Creation of an automated new customer registration process
  • Interface connection of shop, CRM, and ERP
  • Incorporation of listing results from Leuze's external classification system
  • Import and export of all experience worlds from the old CMS layout (including elements) into the Shopware 6 platform
Mockup of the Scooter Center customer project on a Macbook

Full Speed Ahead: Building the Online Shop for SCOOTER Center

The Scooter Center GmbH, provider of scooter and Vespa spare parts for hobbyists and workshops, sought ways to transition spare parts distribution into the digital realm while meeting the needs of its target audience. For over 20 years, Scooter Center has stood for innovation and the highest quality standards.

To realize this vision, Scooter Center relied on elio's expertise. Our Shopware experts took over the development and implementation of a tailored online shop based on Shopware 5 and implemented a series of individual solutions to maximize the performance and functionality of the shop.

Overview of elio's services:

  • Implementation of a global filter for the entire shop
  • Integration of a dynamic vehicle management system
  • Incorporation of exploded views for easy, quick identification of the correct article
  • Development of an availability display across multiple manufacturer warehouses with individual availability rules
  • Setup of a shipping cost matrix for transparent and accurate shipping cost calculations

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Feel free to contact us so we can discuss your concerns in an initial meeting together. If you're currently unsure whether your industry, business model, or basic requirements are suitable: Don't worry! We're confident that we can provide value to you as well.

Shopware Agency in Frankfurt, Gießen, Würzburg, Heilbronn & Langgöns: Your Success Starts Here!

With our various locations in Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg, and Hesse, we may be right in your area. However, it doesn't matter to us where you are located. Whether you run an established company in Frankfurt, have a business in Würzburg, or are based in another location. Our experienced Shopware experts are here for you. Our goal is to successfully implement your e-commerce project by understanding your individual requirements and goals and putting them at the forefront of our work.

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Still have Questions? - FAQ

Yes, after understanding your goals, requirements, and needs in a joint meeting, we will develop a customized solution for you. Our goal is to ensure that your shop is unique and tailored to your needs and those of your target audience.

Yes, at elio, it is our concern that your online shop runs smoothly even after it has been created. We offer comprehensive maintenance and support services to ensure that your shop is always up to date, secure, and receives prompt assistance in case of any problems.

Yes, at elio, we have extensive experience in migrating shops from various systems to Shopware. Our team has already successfully completed many such projects. You can get a comprehensive picture of our previous work from our references.

Although our regional offices are located in Gießen, Langgöns, Frankfurt, Würzburg, and Heilbronn, we are happy to work with clients from various regions. Regional proximity is certainly advantageous as it facilitates collaboration, but we are able to undertake projects for clients from the entire DACH region and beyond.

When switching to another agency, you should ensure that all existing contracts and agreements are properly terminated or transferred. You should have access to all your shop data to ensure a smooth transition. We support you in this transition process and stand by your side at every step to ensure that your online shop continues seamlessly and without interruptions.

Yes, we offer comprehensive Shopware training. The aim is to provide you with a high level of expertise so that you can operate independently and successfully without constant agency support. Whether it's development, deployment, SEO, or administration, we are happy to provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills.

Of course, we are also happy to support you in integrating third-party plugins or other extensions. We help you set up your individual Shopware shop.

elio is the best Shopware agency because we have implemented the most projects and developed individual plugins. We know Shopware inside and out and are fully aware of its strengths and weaknesses. For us, no project with Shopware is impossible!

Your contact person.

Do you have questions about our services with Shopware or about elio in general? Get in touch with Simon Neuberger. He will be happy to help you.

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