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Performance monitoring of your digital infrastructure.

What is Datadog?

The software company Datadog offers a SaaS-based monitoring platform to centrally visualise, monitor and optimise the availability and performance of digital applications, infrastructures and services.

The all-in-one monitoring service combines the monitoring of metrics, logs and traces in a single platform and is therefore particularly suitable for IT teams that operate digital infrastructures and want to monitor large amounts of data.

According to Datadog, thousands of companies from all industries (e.g. Samsung, Shell, Siemens) already use the service of the monitoring provider.

What can Datadog do?

With its enormous range of functions, Datadog aggregates end-to-end traces, metrics and events across the entire DevOps stack. This makes own applications, infrastructure and third-party services transparent and observable in real time.

With the comprehensive key figures on utilisation and performance, companies can proactively identify and rectify problems. This allows you to better secure your systems, minimise downtime and shorten time-to-market, ensuring an optimal user experience for your customers.

Key facts about Datadog

  • Complete and automatic integration into public clouds
  • Data acquisition time of only 15 seconds
  • Over 450 integrations (e.g. GitLab, Teamcity, Azure AD)
  • Cross integration of all Datadog services
  • AI in many Datadog services
  • Customisable data visualisation

Datadog combines various functions.

The modular structure of Datadog allows for easy individual selection and integration of desired functions. You decide which services you want to use.

  • Infrastructure
    Infrastructure metrics make it easy to keep an eye on your hardware - both on-premise and in the cloud - and immediately detect when load spikes occur or resources reach their limit. Datadog intelligently connects these vital signs with other connected events to help analyse and optimise underlying causes.

  • Logs
    With Datadog, all connected logs are automatically saved and prepared for easy further processing. In this way, important events can be quickly retrieved and evaluated.

  • APM
    With Application Performance Monitoring (APM), Datadog provides even more in-depth information about your applications. Among other things, full error messages and slow code segments in your applications can be recorded to facilitate further analysis. Combined with the other metrics, your IT staff will get a complete 360° view of the entire stack to effectively and efficiently identify and fix problems.

  • User Experience
    Synthetics and Real User Monitoring (RUM) provide insight into how real customers interact with your application or infrastructure. Synthetics can monitor that critical functions are working correctly at all times and from everywhere, while RUM can largely replace tools such as Google Analytics, so that all facts and figures from end users can always be correlated with the vital values of your products.

  • Network
    Network monitoring shows whether users and data are actually arriving where they are supposed to. If connectivity problems occur in parts or all of your infrastructure, Datadog recognises this and, if desired, notifies the relevant staff directly.

  • Security
    Datadog's deep security monitoring enables the rapid detection and remediation of critical security vulnerabilities throughout your stack. With the appropriate integrations, even programming language-specific risks can be detected and displayed.

elio is a Datadog implementation expert.

In cooperation with our sister company elio cloud solutions, we offer our customers the implementation and ongoing support of their applications and infrastructure with Datadog services. You are free to decide whether you want to use and operate Datadog yourself or leave these tasks to us.

Please feel free to contact us so that we can talk together about effective ways of using Datadog for you in a non-binding initial meeting.

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Do you have questions about our services with Datadog or about elio in general? Get in touch with Simon Spitznagel. He will be happy to help you.

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