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migration von shopware 5 zu shopware 6

Shopware migration 5 to 6

We will show you why the Shopware migration from 5 to 6 is of great importance for both companies and their customers, which phases such a migration process goes through and how we, as a leading Shopware Platinum Partner, can help you with the migration.

Why is the Shopware migration from 5 to 6 necessary?

Shopware no longer offers bug fixes for Shopware 5 and security updates will be discontinued from mid-2024. This will result in enormous security gaps and performance problems for users who stay with the previous version, but apart from the resulting disadvantages of Shopware 5, the successor offers further advantages in the form of new features and better performance.

What is a migration and what do I need to consider when migrating to Shopware?

Put simply, when migrating an online store, an existing store system is moved to a new store system. However, due to the different technical basis between Shopware 5 and Shopware 6, a simple "one-click" migration from version 5 to 6 is not possible.

MockUp of Shopware 6 as the ideal shop system

Why Shopware 6 is your ideal solution

Shopware 6 not only offers users a better user experience, but also a modern and more flexible working environment for developers. Due to the current and future developments in digital commerce, which Shopware focuses on, Shopware is a long-term solution for you and your company.

  • API-first approach

    The introduction of Shopware's new API-first approach gives you as a store operator greater flexibility. This innovative approach allows you to seamlessly and efficiently connect all digital ecosystems with Shopware via standardized interfaces. This not only facilitates the integration of external systems, but also optimizes cooperation with various digital platforms in order to adapt your online store even better to the needs of your customers.

  • Responsive Design

    The new Shopware version places great emphasis on the mobile-first approach and responsive design, so that online stores are optimally displayed on all user devices. This not only offers users a more pleasant user journey, but also saves developers a great deal of work.

  • Improved performance

    The modular structure of Shopware 6 not only offers maximum scalability, which is particularly advantageous for growing online stores, but also better performance, which is reflected in more efficient processing of requests, shorter loading times and therefore a better user experience.

  • Flexibility

    The Shopware 6 Rule Builder makes it possible to define individual conditions and rules for prices, shipping, payment methods and other functions without the need for programming knowledge.

  • Improved user interface

    Developers are helped by a more intuitive user interface in the admin panel, making store management much easier.

  • Digital Sales Rooms

    With the Digital Sales Rooms, Shopware offers interactive product advice for a smooth digital shopping experience. In Shopware's virtual sales rooms, products can be presented in an appealing and informative way to increase the conversion rate. The Digital Sales Rooms are designed to make online shopping even more intuitive and customer-friendly by enabling a dynamic and appealing presentation of your products.

  • Advanced SEO functions

    With improved SEO tools and options such as customizable meta tags, optimized URL structures and automatic sitemap generation, Shopware makes it easier for retailers to optimize their online presence and be found more easily in search engines.

  • Further advantages and features of Shopware 6

    Shopware 6 delivers a range of additional new functions that improve the online shopping experience for customers. These include features such as multi-channel sales, subscriptions and live shopping. The Stripe app for Shopware 6 also gives you the ability to accept payments from customers in over 195 countries around the world. This not only increases your conversion rate, but also ensures compliance with the SCA requirements of the Second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) in Europe, without any additional technical effort.

Important updates for store operators with Stripe

Store operators who use Stripe as their payment system must also migrate to Shopware 6 if they wish to retain the payment system, as Stripe will soon discontinue support for Shopware 5. In order to guarantee smooth and error-free payment transactions and thus ensure a pleasant customer experience, we therefore recommend that you migrate your store to Shopware 6.

Stripe Logo - Die Finanzstrukturplattform

Stripe - Your payment service provider
Stripe is a financial infrastructure platform that helps companies of all sizes to receive payments, increase their turnover and open up new business areas. Every year, more than 100 industry-leading companies process over €1 billion worth of transactions through the platform. In 2022 alone, €800 billion in payments were processed by businesses through Stripe. With support for over 135 currencies and a wide range of more than 50 payment methods, Stripe offers its users global versatility and a comprehensive payment processing solution.

migration von shopware 5 zu shopware 6

Leading Shopware Platinum Partner

Employees working on the planning for the store migration to Shopware 6

Why we are the right partner for your migration

elio GmbH is THE leading Shopware Platinum Partner. In close cooperation with Shopware, we have been realizing e-commerce projects that are too big for traditional agencies for more than 20 years. In your search for a suitable agency for your Shopware project, you will not find anyone who can offer you more Shopware know-how than elio. We would be happy to show you why we are the ideal partner for your migration project.

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Maximum experience & expertise

Even though we define ourselves as an IT service provider, we are often listed as THE Shopware agency. There is a reason for this, because with more than 100 certifications for Shopware, we have a significantly higher number than any classic Shopware agency. The personal certificates prove in which areas our developers have Shopware know-how. Of course, we cover every certification offered by Shopware several times in our team.

But this is not the only reason why Shopware lists us as a Platinum Partner at the top and recommends us to others. With more than 120 Shopware experts and well over 1000 individual Shopware plugin developments, we have built up unique know-how and an incomparable wealth of experience. We are constantly expanding this through further education and training, so that we offer the best conditions for the optimal implementation of your Shopware project.

Data is probably the most important resource for your store. We know the risks of data migration and give you the security that your data will be transferred smoothly - without data loss and without downtimes.

Comprehensive preparation & transparency

We recognize that migrating from Shopware 5 to Shopware 6 is far more complex than a simple click to update. Our approach aims to guide you closely through this process and ensure that you are fully informed about all the steps and challenges you will face. Our aim is to work with you to ensure thorough preparation for the upcoming store move and ensure that you are equipped with a clear understanding of the entire migration process.

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Process of a Shopware 6 migration with elio

From the preparation phase to the final phase - we have summarized the most important migration phases from Shopware 5 to Shopware 6:

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1. Analysis

Review your current store and identify project scope and potential challenges

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2. Planning

Creation of a detailed and individual migration plan including time frame

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3.1. Implementation - Relocation of the store data

We take care of transferring all information about products, customers and orders etc. to the new Shopware 6 store.

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3.2. Implementation - Plugin migration

If it works for us, it will work for you. Through our generous bonus programme, all employees receive an annual profit-sharing bonus. Also nice to know: If you want to do something for your private pension, you can also take out capital-forming benefits or a company pension scheme with us.

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3.3. Implementation - Template creation

If you would like to keep your current design, we will transfer it to Shopware 6. We will gladly take care of UX/UI optimizations in the course of this or create a completely new design for you if you wish.

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4. Tests

Extensive functional testing to ensure that everything worked smoothly.

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5. Go-live

Launch of the new store

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Long-term partnership

Even after go-live, we are happy to be at your side as a contact for the further expansion and optimization of your new Shopware 6 store. By taking over the migration, we are very familiar with your project and can efficiently implement your requirements and master emerging challenges.

Shopware Migration 5 auf 6 FAQ

In principle, it is possible to transfer almost all data from the Shopware 5 database to the Shopware 6 database. We are happy to support you so that the transfer of your data runs without complications. With the experts from synQup, we also have a specialized partner on board if required. Plugins cannot simply be transferred due to the new technical basis. However, Shopware 6 offers many equivalent counterparts. We will be happy to help you find the right plugins. If a desired plugin is not available for Shopware 6, we can develop it for you. Sales channels and shopping worlds have been newly set up and therefore cannot be migrated. Themes and templates must also be exchanged.

Every company is unique, accordingly every migration is completely individual. The duration of the Shopware 6 migration depends on factors such as the size and complexity of your Shopware 5 store as well as individualization requirements for your Shopware 6 store. In the course of our analysis with subsequent migration planning, a transparent estimate of the project scope results, with which we offer you the necessary planning security.

As with time, the issue of costs also depends on various factors. Here, too, in the course of our analysis with subsequent migration planning, we develop a transparent assessment of the project scope and the associated costs, with which we offer you the necessary planning security.

First, we carry out a comprehensive analysis of your existing store environment to determine which data, themes and plugins need to be migrated. We then create a detailed migration plan that describes the entire process. During the migration, the data is transferred, themes and templates are adapted and all other adjustments and tests are finalized. The last step is the go-live of your new Shopware 6 store.

Es gibt tatsächlich spezielle Shopware 6 Migrationsassistenten und Plugins, die den Migrationsprozess erleichtern können, allerdings sind diese meist nicht ausreichend, da jede Migration individuell ist und dementsprechend spezielle Anforderungen erfüllt werden müssen. Wir stehen Ihnen von Anfang bis Ende zur Seite und nehmen Ihnen den Aufwand ab, sodass Sie sich um nichts kümmern müssen.

It must be checked whether your existing Shopware 5 plugins and themes have a Shopware 6 successor and whether the data quality in your current store and the individual requirements of your company are fulfilled or match those of Shopware 6. This ensures a smooth migration process and transition to Shopware 6.

Successfully implemented Shopware projects by elio

Your contact person.

Do you have questions about the migration to Shopware 6 or about elio in general? Get in touch with Simon Neuberger. He will be happy to help you.

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