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AI Data Discovery Framework. Discover the future of product relevance in online shops.

What is BatteryIncluded?

BatteryIncluded is a German SaaS company providing all search functionalities for e-commerce. Its mission is to enable great data discovery, offering a comprehensive suggestion, search, and navigation solution for any online shop.

Based on over 25 years of e-commerce experience, BatteryIncluded delivers the tool to manage on-site search functionalities, build category pages including all filters and sorting options, and display content such as banners and product recommendations with AI-driven understanding - all 100% GDPR-compliant. Trusted by major B2C and B2B retailers like WUTSCHER OPTIK KG, Austria's largest optician, to a NASDAQ-listed group of companies in industrial analytics.

Where Does the Term Come From?

The term "Battery Included" is used in software development to express that a software or framework includes all the necessary tools and functions to enable application development. This concept originates from the "Batteries included" philosophy of Python, where the language's standard library is equipped with numerous useful functions, eliminating the need for developers to search for additional libraries or tools to perform basic tasks.

This approach is widely appreciated in software development as it enhances productivity by reducing the need to search for, install, and familiarize oneself with additional tools or libraries.

Facts about BatteryIncluded.

100 %
Privacy-First AI
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from Germany
Response time
200+ Million
Up to
100 %
API Uptime
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What are the benefits of BatteryIncluded?

Optimized search and navigation are crucial for user satisfaction and ultimately for the success of your business. With BatteryIncluded, you get more than just a simple search function. Through AI-optimized result lists based on keyword, distance, category, and business intelligence calculations, you not only avoid frustrating zero-result pages or poorly sorted categories but also demonstrably increase your revenue.

Recent studies underscore the importance of an effective search function. They show that the conversion rate for users utilizing search in online shops is three times higher than those who do not. Additionally, according to the McKinsey Digital Sentiment Survey 2022, for more than 70% of B2B buyers, the digital shopping experience is just as important as the price. In the B2C sector, the story is similar: According to the results of the PWC Global Consumer Pulse Survey 2023, 59% of consumers are changing their shopping habits due to digital technologies. So, position yourself with a good search as an enabler for a successful and customer-centric online shopping experience.

"70% of B2B buyers consider the digital shopping experience as important as the price."

(Source: McKinsey Digital Sentiment Survey 2022)

"59% of consumers are changing their shopping habits due to digital technologies."

(Source: PWC Global Consumer Pulse Survey 2023)

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What function does BatteryIncluded offer?

To achieve this, the search provider offers a range of functions that companies can adapt to their needs.

Filter settings (facets)

You can individually select the display format for each filterable field. Do you want your filter to be displayed as a range? No problem for BatteryIncluded. The information is then transferred directly to the store system in response via the integration plugin.

Search suggestions (Suggests)

By default, store systems such as Shopware often only display products as search suggestions. With the help of BatteryIncluded, not only only products, but also any other type of content can be displayed. These can be categories or blog posts, for example. This function can be configured individually.


Promotions can also be integrated using BatteryIncluded. Promotions use search terms or set filters as triggers. These are displayed in the online store in the search result, Suggest or in the categories in the form of a banner. This can be used, for example, to display information or advertising spaces can be displayed.

Priority of the search query (Relevance)

Various categories (e.g. name, description, keywords or meta information) are assigned to each product or content. Not every field or piece of information is equally important. You can therefore use the "Relevance" function to set the priority of the search entry in relation to the data record. set. You can also define the error tolerance of the search entry, i.e. how many characters the entry may deviate from the stored terms. terms may deviate.

Promotion of individual products via drag-and-drop no-code editor (merchandising)

If you would like to advertise individual products, the "Merchandising" function may be of interest to you. This allows you to add certain products to the users as soon as they have entered a specific search term or set filters. Equally exciting in this context is the possibility of setting redirects to certain triggers such as search terms. This is particularly useful when users search for terms such as "terms and conditions" or "legal notice". Instead of a 0-hit search results page, searchers receive the corresponding page thanks to the redirect or use the integration of the content search to find landing pages or categories in the search result.

Alternative search terms (synonyms)

What shirts are to some, tops are to others. To cover these synonyms, BatteryIncluded offers the "Synonyms" function. Here you can you can store any number of related expressions for different terms. If your users also tend to misspell certain words over and over again, you can misspelling certain words, you can also store these spellings as synonyms.

Demo-Shop (Explore)

Searching for errors is always a tedious task. To make this easier, the search provider offers its own demo store, a kind of image of your real store in BatteryIncluded. This allows you to test whether all search queries and filters work. At the same time comparison of the real store with the demo version in the backend is also possible. This makes it easy to identify errors.

Creation of presets

The presets function allows you to create product streams for the online store. In BatteryIncluded you can create a sorted and pre-filtered view view that you can use in the store. For example, categories such as "New in the range" can be displayed without having to assign the products manually. having to be assigned manually. These ready-made filters with sorting can then be reused anywhere in the store.

What are the key differences compared to other search providers?

Unlike other search providers, BatteryIncluded represents data as documents. This offers significantly more possibilities than a one-dimensional dataset. As a result, more specific requirements can be implemented where other search providers hit limits.

The benefit of this is demonstrated by the following example: You have an online shop with various products and categories. You probably also have products that are assigned to two or more categories. Users now want to specify a sorting order from their system. This is not possible with other search providers - but it is with BatteryIncluded. By allowing the transmission of complete documents, the search provider enables the transmission of the categories assigned to the product, their positions, as well as their sorting and filtering.

The fact that no data model is predefined is another key unique selling proposition of the search provider. Meaning: Users can not only search for products in your shop, but also for other content and have it displayed in the search. These could be, for example, blog posts. This is only possible with many detours with other providers.

Perhaps the most central USP of BatteryIncluded is this: The core logic of the API, the "Relevance Stream" of BatteryIncluded, is not only individually tailored to the needs of companies, but also dynamically and continuously optimized.

The centerpiece is a vector relevance calculation originating from a self-learning algorithm considering individual sorting logics as well as the number and pricing of sold products.

Screenshot of the BatteryIncluded Backend Panel

Integrate BatteryIncluded into your store with "Data Discovery Core" and "BatteryIncluded by elio".

BatteryIncluded itself can be integrated into your own online shop via corresponding plugins and APIs. For online shops based on Shopware >6.5, our experts have developed the plugin "Data Discovery Core". The adapter "BatteryIncluded by elio" serves as the link between Data Discovery Core and BatteryIncluded.

Data Discovery Core automatically connects to all relevant places in the Shopware shop. The plugin acts as a mediator between the shop and the search provider. In navigation, search, and suggest, the plugin intervenes. Data Discovery Core forwards the request to the adapter and prevents the products to be displayed from being determined via Shopware. The requests received via search, suggest, or navigation are then forwarded to the BatteryIncluded API via the adapter. BatteryIncluded then retrieves the data from BatteryIncluded and delivers it back to the online shop via Data Discovery Core. Only then is the suggest, search, or navigation visible to the users.

Key features of Data Discovery Core:
  • In a project, many services come together. Such complex cases should still be discussed personally with the lead. Therefore, the AI-based co-pilot focuses on products that do not require any further services/conversations.
  • Automated delta syncs of product and content data from the shop to the search provider
  • Configuration of the displayed filters and sorting options with the possibility to restrict them for search result pages and categories

Additional settings of Data Discovery Core:
  • Automatic completion of search terms
  • Display of recent suggestions
  • Calculation of most popular products
  • Bot protection for search

BatteryIncluded at the click of a mouse for your Shopware store!

Offer your customers an even better shopping experience with our exclusive plugins “Data Discovery Core” and “BatteryIncluded by elio”. Simply download and install via the Shopware Store. Increase the efficiency of your search and optimize your store today!

The logo of the Data Discovery Core plugin consists of a waving flag with ‘elio’ written on it

Data Discovery Core

You can see a BatteryIncluded demo shop where a user enters a ‘shoe’ enquiry into the shop's search mask
Logo shows combination of the two company logos elio and BatteryIncluded

BatteryIncluded by elio

You can see a BatteryIncluded demo shop in which the category ‘Clothing and Accessories’ with the subcategory ‘Winter Wear’ was selected.

elio is a Platinum Partner of BatteryIncluded.

The strong partnership between BatteryIncluded and elio stands for successful implementations of advanced search and navigation solutions. As a proud partner of the search provider, we offer you all the advantages of modern search engine solutions for your online shop.

With our plugins Data Discovery Core and BatteryIncluded by elio, we not only enable a fast and smooth integration with the service, but also enhance the basic functionality of the tool with numerous features. Our interface is modular, allowing us to easily integrate additional functions. This enables us to flexibly meet your individual requirements and wishes and adapt and expand the interface accordingly. We are the sole interface developer for Shopware by BatteryIncluded and can also provide interfaces for other shop systems upon request.

elio's expertise in the areas of e-commerce and performance IT services, combined with the innovative power of BatteryIncluded, offers you a tailor-made solution for optimal search and navigation performance in your online shop. No matter what requirements you have for your search function - we provide comprehensive advice and together with BatteryIncluded deliver the perfect solution for your e-commerce experience.

Profile picture of Simon Reichel – CEO/Co-Founder at BatteryIncluded

"Together with elio, we represent the most powerful and modular variant for your new suggest, search and filter functions and the construction of all category lists. Time to value has never been easier."

Simon Reichel – CEO/Co-Founder at BatteryIncluded

Profile picture of Aleksa Marinovic – COO at elio

"As an enterprise agency, we stand for software that must meet very high expectations. Finally, there is a valuable alternative to the important topic in Shopware."

Aleksa Marinovic – COO at elio

Keyfacts about BatteryIncluded

  • Easy integration into your shop system using Data Discovery Core
  • Structured and user-friendly navigation and filters
  • Presentation of products and other content in search
  • High search quality
  • Intelligent suggest function

How you benefit from BatteryIncluded.

  • Reduction of no-result hits
  • Up to 4 times reduced bounce rates
  • Improved click-through rate
  • 10 to 20% relative global conversion rate increases
  • Up to 3x faster integration and up to 66% lower ongoing costs
  • Higher average order values
  • Increased revenue

Request a free trial version now and see for yourself.

You get access to a 30-day demo version and can test BatteryIncluded extensively and without obligation.

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