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UX/UI design.

In the digital world, the user interface of a platform is the central link between users and companies. Accordingly, it is important to design the user interface visually and functionally so that the user experience also turns users into customers.

User Experience and User Interface. UX and UI.

What is UX design?

User experience design (UX design) is concerned with the development and optimisation of user-friendly experiences when interacting with a digital product. interaction with a digital product. It is about making the entire experience before, during and after using a digital application as pleasant as possible. as possible.

Why UX design?

You too have almost certainly had a poor user experience on a website or in an app. At some point, your needs and expectations expectations of the application were not met and, in the worst case, you left the platform. The system failed to get you to your desired destination as comfortably and as quickly as possible to your desired destination. With our UX design expertise, we will prevent exactly that from happening with your customers.

What is UI design?

User interface design (UI design) focuses on the visual implementation of digital platforms. It is about designing all the visual and interactive elements of a user interface (e.g. images, typography, colours) in such a way that they convey a company's brand message, appeal to users aesthetically and guide them intuitively through the application.


Why UI design?

There are several reasons to optimise a digital platform through UI design. You may be at the very beginning and have yet to fully develop your brand identity, or your current design may simply be out of date. It may also be that your brand presence does not (or no longer) fit your brand or is not completely clear and consistent across all communication channels. UI design has the task of closing the gap that your visual appearance has.


Our UX/UI workflow.

Every project is different and at elio we always adapt to the needs of our clients. However, to give you an initial idea of the which phases we usually go through, we have mapped out our ideal workflow for you.



In a first step, we analyse your vision together with you and get a picture of all your requirements.



Based on the vision, we identify suitable solutions, give your project a structure and conceptualise initial sketches.



On the basis of the concept, we get down to the graphic design. In doing so, we take ergonomic standards into account and evaluate our with the technical team.



After a successful design and testing phase, we hand over our design in the final step to our developers for programming implementation. implementation.

Our methods.

For the implementation of your project requirements, we draw on proven and also innovative methods. Discover the different building blocks of our work in the field of UX/UI below.

UX and UI.

Context analysis
User Stories & Mapping
User interviews
Questionnaires (quantitative vs. qualitative)
User scenarios / Use cases
Card Sorting
Usability-Analysis / “UX-Audit”
Webtraffic/-metrik Analysis
Digital wireframes
User Flow
Interaction design
Responsive Design
Design Manual / Style Guide
Icon Design
Graphic Design

Excerpt of successful UX/UI projects.

Your contact person.

Do you have questions about the user experience, the user interface or elio in general? Contact Pascal Koch. He will be happy to help you.

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