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Creation and management of digital platforms.

Customer Experience  Personalisation  Automation

Do you want a platform with which you can create and manage your brand, product and service information for your web presence? Or are you already one step ahead and want to serve the increasing user expectations regarding personalisation and automation in your online communication in a more sustainable way?

We provide you with the right CMS or DXP solution so that you can manage and play out your content according to your needs.

What is a CMS?

A content management system (CMS) is a platform for creating, organising, publishing and evaluating content (especially texts, images, videos, documents) for websites and other applications.

A CMS has numerous functions such as editing, design, workflow management, plug-in integration, SEO, user administration and much more.

As a rule, no programming skills are required to manage a CMS, which makes it particularly attractive for people without technical knowledge.

What is a DXP?

A Digital Experience Platform (DXP) is a further development of the classic CMS. While a CMS is geared more towards the pure administration of content, a DXP aims to optimise customer experiences and adapt to their further development.

For this purpose, various tools are used in a DXP that collect and understand user data in order to provide customers with the appropriate personalised content.

A DXP is particularly interesting when focusing on issues such as automation, scalability and the personalisation of user experiences across all digital touchpoints.

What elio can do for you in the area of CMS & DXP.

Depending on your individual requirements and wishes, we implement a CMS or a DXP for you. In doing so, we implement a suitable technical solution and use the range of functions that is suitable for you.

If you are just getting started and a software for creating and managing content for your web presence is sufficient, we will provide you with a corresponding CMS. In doing so, we can already rely on a technical solution that can be upgraded to a DXP at any time if your needs change.

If you are already one step ahead and want to create a sustainable user experience for your customers with your brand, we will implement a customised DXP for you directly. You get a modular platform whose components are flexibly configurable, so you don't have to use a rigid platform as a basis. The open architecture enables the simple and also subsequent integration of systems and functions, e.g. also the integration of complete e-commerce functionalities.

With the DXP solution, you can adapt to the digital challenges at any time and serve the current topics such as personalisation , automation and user experience as well as future developments.

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