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Connect different applications efficiently.

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Do you have a complex system landscape consisting of many different applications and difficulties in ensuring synchronous data exchange between the systems?

For example, do you not manage to update changes to prices and availability in your online shop quickly enough?

We offer you the right interface solution so that you can manage your platforms highly efficiently.

What is an interface?

In the IT context, an interface is a technical transition point from one system to another. Through the use of interfaces, different applications are interconnected and their data exchange and communication is enabled. In practice, an interface ensures, for example, the connection of an e-commerce system such as Shopware or OXID eSales with an ERP system. Many companies have a complex IT system landscape with many different applications, and accordingly many interfaces must also communicate with each other. And each additional new system entails the integration of further interfaces.

Furthermore, ERP or merchandise management systems are often not designed for e-commerce and in most cases do not deliver data in the way e-commerce systems need them. The lack of compatibility can lead to problems with the display of product data, e.g. products cannot be found, displayed or filtered correctly on the trading platform. In this case, a special interface solution, a so-called middleware, is used to ensure a structured and optimal data preparation and to guarantee the necessary compatibility in the data exchange between the different systems.

What is middleware?

Middleware is software that connects different applications and orchestrates their communication. The central building blocks of a middleware are the integrated interfaces through which the different applications are docked. When an actual event occurs, an application calls the middleware via the corresponding interface, which in turn forwards this request to the target system and generates a specific action there. Especially in e-commerce, processes along the entire sales processing can be made compatible in this way.

Advantages of middlewares:

  • Automation and normalisation of processes and data
  • Optimal preparation and allocation of data
  • Minimisation of the number of interfaces
  • Reusability of interface components
  • Basis for opening up further distribution channels
  • Reduction of complexity and maintenance effort
  • Reduction of internal and/or external personnel resources
  • Improved user experience

What elio can do for you in the area of interfaces.

We are happy to help you connect individual applications by programming special interfaces.

With our sister company synQup, we also provide you with an interface solution that we can use to ensure efficient data exchange across your entire IT infrastructure.

The middleware has numerous integrated interfaces through which your applications can be connected. In the process, synQup offers connectors to any system. Well-known connections include Shopware, OXID eSales, SAP, salesforce, comarch or IBM. Thanks to the features of synQup, we can connect any conceivable data source and develop new connectors as required.

With synQup, we thus support the entire multichannel sales process by allowing data to be captured only once, synchronised and subsequently exchanged automatically between the desired target systems. Data updates such as prices, availabilities or master data are thus only maintained in one place and played out across all relevant systems.

Please visit our information page on synQup in the Technologies section. If you would like even more detailed information, you are also welcome to go directly to the synQup website.

In addition to our own solution in the interface area, we can of course also work for you with other interface providers that are in use at your company.

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