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Efficient procurement management for your company.

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Are you currently planning to modernise your current procurement processes? Or are you not really satisfied with your existing e-procurement system?

We offer you a standardised e-procurement solution that will take your procurement management to the next level.

What is e-procurement?

E-procurement stands for the electronic procurement of products and services by B2B companies in the form of a digital data exchange. The use of an e-procurement system for this data transfer enables companies to digitalise and automate their entire value chain in procurement management. This results in more effective control of all procurement processes such as offer management, approval management, transaction management, payment or tracking, as processes are greatly simplified, accelerated and made more transparent.

Advantages through e-procurement

  • Better overview of all steps in the procurement process
  • Faster order processing
  • More agile responsiveness to changes in demand
  • Improved transparency and control over procurement process - fewer errors, better compliance with standards and specifications
  • More efficient bid comparison capabilities - higher quantity and quality of suppliers, products and services
  • Improved rights management
  • Resource conservation through reduced use of paper
  • and much more

The e-procurement solution from elio.

We put an end to manual processing efforts and technical complexity. Our standardised e-procurement solution based on Shopware and synQup integrates numerous interfaces such as SAP OCI, SAP Ariba PunchOut, cXML PunchOut Transaction, cXML Purchase Order, IDoc ORDERS and openTRANS. The cross-company interfaces link the various ERP systems of you, your suppliers, partners and customers and form the basis for the implementation and automation of your electronic procurement management. Below you will find a brief description of various interfaces. If required, we can also integrate further interfaces without any problems. We can also customise or completely develop an interface for your electronic order processing.

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The SAP OCI interface connects your online shop directly with the merchandise management system or electronic procurement. This allows all product and order information to be transferred to your system using OCI (Open Catalog Interface).

SAP Ariba PunchOut

The SAP Ariba PunchOut interface helps you to get the latest products with up-to-date prices and ordering options within your online shop. By doing so, you ensure an optimal ordering experience minimise your own catalogue maintenance.

cXML PunchOut Transaction

The cXML PunchOut Transaction interface connects Oracle iProcurement, SAP Ariba Buying, Ariba Marketplace, Jaggaer, Unimarket, Coupa and other applications to your online shop.

cXML Purchase Order

Business documents can be exchanged electronically via the cXML Purchase Order interface. We offer the implementation of interfaces for PunchOut Transaction, Master Agreement, Purchase Order, Order Confirmation, Ship Notice, Invoice and others.


The IDoc ORDERS interface ensures a smooth, automated exchange of order data between SAP systems and your online shop.


The openTRANS interface includes and automates system-to-system communication for electronic data interchange (EDI) in business transactions.

In addition to the use of suitable interfaces, an electronic procurement system lives above all from high product data quality. Different data formats from different data sources can often be a challenge here. By using the data integration framework synQup, your data is normalised and checked for the necessary quality. quality. The fully automated data preparation makes the data transfer efficient and uncomplicated.

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Advantages of elio's e-procurement solution.

Simple and uncomplicated handling for the operator paired with optimal user-friendliness in the front-end form the basis for the successful use of our e-procurement solution. In addition to this 100% user acceptance, our solution offers further advantages for you:

  • Standardised e-procurement solution with high customisability
  • Automated data imports and updates
  • Configurable products
  • Configurable approval workflow
  • Multi-user accounts
  • Hosting in Germany and 24/7 support available

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