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Do you work with several specialist retailers and would like to provide them with an automated online shop based on your digital infrastructure?

We offer you a fully automated shop-in-shop solution with which you and your dealers can be reached by your customers on a common platform.

What is a Shop-in-Shop system?

In e-commerce, a Shop-in-Shop is an online shop within another online shop. The main shop offers one or more merchant shops The main shop offers one or more merchant shops within its own platform the opportunity to present themselves and sell their own products and services.

The partner shops use the infrastructure of the main shop and thus in principle act as tenants within the main shop. In contrast to In contrast to a completely separate online shop, customer communication and transaction processing take place entirely via the main online shop.

Advantages of Shop-in-Shop.

A Shop-in-Shop solution offers advantages for all parties involved.

Advantages for main shop.

For the main shop, the enlarged product range opens up new opportunities to increase sales and customer loyalty without having to own investments in additional products.

Advantages for trader shop.

The dealer shop benefits from the use of the digital infrastructure and the additional reach, awareness, traffic and customer base of the main shop. of the main shop. By outsourcing the technical component, the merchant shop can better concentrate on its core competencies.

Advantages for customers.

Ultimately, customers also benefit from a Shop-in-Shop solution, as they are presented with a larger selection of offers under one roof. This can also have positive effects on availability and shipping costs, but above all it can also lead to optimisation effects in terms of customer support by the specialised staff of the retailer shops. support by the specialised staff of the retailer shops. All in all, a Shop-in-Shop solution has a positive effect on the consumer. consumers' shopping experience, not least because of the opportunities for comparison.

The Shop-in-Shop solution from elio.

We offer you a fully automated technical solution with which you can easily roll out Shop-in-Shops. Our specially developed elio-Shopbuilder enables the simple duplication of a previously defined shop at the touch of a button. Via the add-on calculation matrix prices in the cloned shops can be provided with surcharges, discounts and other rules to enable individual pricing for products. products. The connection of our partner Mollie as a payment service provider as well as the supply of legal texts via the Händlerbund interface offer an additional simplification in the use of the shops. In addition to our online shop standards, individual functions can be configured within the can be configured at any time.

Ready-made templates in various designs create the graphic basis for the dealer shops. Depending on requirements, a suitable template can be can be chosen. Only the colour scheme and logo need to be adapted accordingly so that the dealer shop appears in a new guise.

Your contact person.

Do you have questions about Shop-In-Shop or elio in general? Contact Sascha Vorderstemann. He will be happy to help you.

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